the nature centre do 'the pinch / the ghost of eddie bingo'

the nature centre

[download our double a-side single for free – the pinch / the ghost of eddie bingo]

the nature centre plays pop music that has been adulterated by all sorts of strange, nice things. it has been described as “the kind of fololoppy pop that syd barrett might make if he headed up a harmony girl group under the influence”.

the band is beth, bird, hamish and oli. they are from birmingham in the uk.

upcoming shows

thursday 31st may at ort café, balsall heath, birmingham.

with vinegar, and probably someone else.


friday 1st June at the old england, bristol.

with vinegar.


bandcamp has our real-life releases.

soundcloud has noodles.


for bookings, info, or to say hello, email: